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Quality protection code


Full control over the changes in the code!

Quality assurance obfuscation via browser or MS Visual Studio. To buy a special program is not required

In MS VisualStudio you can check your work obfuscated code and measure the performance of interest obfuscated functions!

The results are displayed in a detailed HTML report – see figure

Effective protection algorithms


Possible independent setting of the complexity of the algorithms of protection

String constants reregistered as obfuscated variables with the beginning of the program code and are mixed

Obfuscated function names and variables are composed of "sticks"

Easy setup


Obfuscation is performed "throw" files to the shortcut or easy way to customize the program using settings

The server version may be used in systems for continuous integration (build server) through the use of the revision number, build, etc., and generate JUnit reports

For the program on a server operating system, build, JUnit reports, and use with continuous integration systems, etc. requires purchase of a license marked "for server"

Real obfuscation


Check the work of the obfuscator

To download the demonstration version of the program