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Affiliate program

Selling through the popular network
sales of software products -
Avangate and Share-it,
which offer a percentage of sales.

Promotional materials (see below)
Participate in an affiliate program is very simple – sign up in one of these popular networks and get a percentage of sales.

How to register?

Registration in Avangate.

Connection as a partner in selling software in Avangate.

Registration/connection as a partner in selling software in Share-it.

Commission from sales of programs we offer at the beginning is 25%.

If you increase the number of sales, the Commission percentage will increase.

How to sell a program?

After registration, programs for sale, you can find it in the directory Avangate/Share-it is a code of the seller (vendor):
  • in Avangate: ILYABARI
  • in Share-it: 200256108
Next, form links to the products in Avangate/Share-it.
Please read the background information of the selected network.

The increase in Commission

If You have a website devoted to the products offered, You are planning to write articles about the programs or to engage in their active promotion – please contact us to obtain a large percent of the fee.

Write your promotion plan on

Can I participate in the affiliate program as an individual?

Yes, you can participate in an affiliate program as a private person.

Can I use AdWords, etc.?

No, it is strictly prohibited. Promotion through AdWords, YandexDirect, etc. is prohibited. In case of violation of this rule, the Commission will be much reduced or terminated cooperation.

How to get money?

Commissions can get as an affiliate via Avangate or Share-it.

Can I use promotional materials from this site?

You can use the following image from this page. Below is presented a specially prepared images, descriptions, and promotional materials.

Promotional materials

These images or links to them can be further modified (dimensions, comments, etc.). Please do not use direct links to image – download images to your website.

Images are in high quality – click on the image to open it full-size.


  • – Source localizer.
  • – SL Obfuscator
    ("SL" is the acronym of the program name "Source localizer", part of which is Obfuscator).

SL Obfuscator

  • – the comparison of code before and after obfuscation in the program SL Obfuscator Standard (compares source file with html-report obfuscated file).
  • – screenshot of the program CI Hudson with display tests, including JUnit-report server versions of the program SL Obfuscator.
  • – the algorithm of processing string values.
  • – comics.
  • – advertising.

  • – a large image (1000%).